Christi Redfearn

Grand Park: After Exide

Even if you are new to Frisco, there is a good chance you have heard about the Exide battery recycling center and the long process it has ta…

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Setting the Record Straight

I am in the unique position that I get to write, occasionally, about incredible people and events in Frisco, but, this time, my article is a…

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Living the Dream

Have you ever gone to your job and, after a while, realized you want to do something else in your professional life? Maybe you have enjoyed …

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Feeling Festive in Frisco

Whether you are an athlete, a patron of the arts or you are looking for a place to take the kids to build excitement for Christmas, Frisco h…

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Send Some Cheer This Year

Holiday cards are, to some, a very big part of yearly Christmas traditions. And there always seems to be that one card you get that is simpl…

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