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Supported Applications
The following applications are supported and kept updated to the latest version: Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat. UNACCEPTED FORMATS: Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft PowerPoint.

Supported Media
We fully support CD, DVD and most other media formats.

File Formats
We fully support the following file formats: Native application (“Collect for Output” ), PDF, EPS and TIFF (NOT Tiffit).

Style Publishing Group accepts ads submitted as a PDF, however, these must be produced at a minimum resolution of 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch). When preparing your PDF, please do not crop the ad. Include crop marks indicating how the ad should be cropped.

Images must be processed at a resolution of no less than 300 DPI (Dots Per Inch) at 100% of desired printing size. We recommend that line art (bitmapped logos or scanned text) be sent vector-based, such as an Illustrator eps. Prepare all color ads as CMYK.

In order to accurately process the ad, we require the inclusion of all screen and printer fonts used in the document.

Ad Sizes

Full Page Bleed  
Text Safe Area is 1/2 inch inset on all sides.

8.5 X 11.25

Full Page No Bleed

7.125 X 9.625
2/3 Horizontal

7.125 X 6.351

2/3 Vertical

4.685 X 9.625

1/2 Horizontal

7.125 X 4.715

1/2 Vertical

3.465 X 9.625

1/3 Horizontal

7.125 X 3.078

1/3 Square

4.685 X 4.715

1/3 Vertical

2.245 X 9.625

1/4 Vertical

3.465 X 4.715


7.125 X 2.260

1/6 Vertical

2.245 X 4.715

1/6 Horizontal

4.685 X 2.260

Submitting Files
Style Publishing prefers that all digital ads be uploaded to our Upload Center.


  1. While we support JPEGs, it is not a preferred format for completed ads.
  2. Style Publishing cannot edit files that have been flattened.