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Play Golf!

Have you noticed that, in sports, the balls with which we play tend to get smaller as we get older?

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Life is Like a Football Game

Yes, we all may have our opinions about life, but, after making it safely past my 101st birthday earlier this year, I have looked back and can see that my life has been…

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My Biggest Trip

Most of us like to travel – at least we did prior to COVID, which has made airline cancellations and travel in general less enjoyable.

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My, How You Have Changed!

The expression “My, how you have changed” was often heard when a friend or family member showed up after being unseen for quite a while. However, I haven’t heard it recently, since we…

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What Would You Do?

I have been polling my friends and neighbors, asking them the question, “What would you do if the doctor told you that you have only four to six weeks to live?”

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The Good Doctors

Frisco’s early physicians typically did more than just practice medicine. At the time, they had a better education than most of the people here, so many of them took positions of…

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You Don’t Say

For many years, perhaps when man first started talking, he has uttered some sort of slang expression. Someone said Noah, as he loaded that lone cow on the ark, may have been the first…

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People to Watch 2021

Frisco is filled with innovative individuals who put their vast education, experience and talents to tremendous use while working to ensure this dynamic city…

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