Jarred Griffin

Jarred Griffin works for Landmark Bank as a Real Estate Lender. He helps customers obtain their dream homes by setting them up in the best long-term financial position. He has been in the mortgage industry since 2011.

As a local millennial, he was able to provide insight about being part of the newest generation in the workforce. He says, “I feel like there is a misconception for each generation. I believe it is imperative for each generation to take time to understand others, before making their opinions or judgments. As for millennials, the biggest misconception is that we are entitled or lazy. Although there are plenty of bad apples that can identify with this (as there are in every generation), most of us are trying to work smarter. Intelligence and a strong grasp of technology takes people a long way now.”

Mr. Griffin also says, “Millennials bring a fresh and interesting approach to the workplace, whether that is a quicker process to maximize productivity or a different outlook to solve a problem.”

Thanks for representing the millennial generation in your industry in such a positive way, Mr. Griffin! Keep up the good work!

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