Chad Cunningham

Chad Cunningham’s family-owned Frisco business, C4 Roofing, Inc., has evolved over the years, but family has always been at the center of its operations. He is part of the fourth generation on multiple branches of his family born here in Frisco. His family has built a business legacy here for years. They called this area home long before it was even officially named Frisco.

Before opening his business in 2010, Mr. Cunningham was a customhomebuilder, until 2007-2008, when the economy became a challenge. As a result of the economic downturn, he and his wife, Heather, sought out ways to begin new business ventures while using their knowledge of construction. “Many of the people we do business with are children and grandchildren of people my grandmother, my father, my mom or my grandfather did business with,” he explains.

With Frisco’s continued growth, small, family-owned businesses sometimes take a back seat to bigger corporate companies, but Mr. Cunningham sees such growth as a positive for his company and a challenge to make business even better than before.

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