Go All Out

By Ashli Urano

As my friend and I walked along the sidewalk at The Star in Frisco, we looked forward to catching up during dinner at Sidecar Social. Located at 6770 Winning Dr., its design focuses on creating an atmosphere that brings people together. As one of The Star’s newest restaurant attractions, the venue offers unique entertainment options, including karaoke with a live band and complimentary games. Equally exciting is the variety of craft cocktails and the kitchen’s scratch-made American cuisine.

When we entered Sidecar Social, the crowded bar to the right immediately caught my attention, vibrant with energy and laughter. To the left of the host stand, a cozy room with amber, double-sided booths offered a more intimate dining experience. Set against the backdrop of the restaurant’s open kitchen, we felt those booths would provide a quieter space for us to enjoy our meal while still feeling connected to the other rooms buzzing with activity.

While walking across the polished hardwood floor to our booth, we began to slowly soak in the atmosphere. Sidecar Social presents an industrial-rustic mix of décor throughout the venue, but the room in which we dined had a modern feel that was also welcoming, which was highlighted by cool blue accents and warm wood panels set against the white kitchen walls. Sputnik globe chandeliers hung from the vibrant, amber-hued ceiling, casting a soft, relaxing glow.

The roll-up garage doors cleverly connect the indoor space where we were seated to the climate-controlled patio. This design allows booths adjacent to the patio to have the best of both worlds – an open-air feel without ever leaving the comfort of being indoors. The pet-friendly patio gave us a relaxing view, featuring a video wall, leather couches, and fire pits.

It wasn’t long before our server, Raegan, greeted us with a huge smile. When I commented on how happy we were to be there, she didn’t hesitate before saying, “I’m going to make sure you both have a wonderful experience tonight.” While every part of the building was packed with people, Raegan made looking calm, while being busy, seem effortless.

After Raegan listed a few of her favorite cocktails, I chose the Sangria Rita Swirl. The drink’s ingredients mix the exciting kick of a frozen margarita with the rich, berry-like flavors of Lolea Red Sangria. Topped off with a splash of Grand Marnier, each sip had a noticeable balance of citrusy brightness and luscious red wine goodness.

My friend chose the Frozen Peach Bellini, and was even nice enough to share! The best, over-the-top way to describe Sidecar Social’s Bellini is that it somehow manages to embody the essence of summertime in a glass. There’s really no better way to say it. With a refreshing blend of Townes Vodka, California sparkling wine, and peach puree, each sip delivered a burst of flavor. The peach puree infused the drink with a juicy, sun-ripened sweetness, complemented by the crispness of the sparkling wine and the subtle sharpness of the vodka.

Since we were sharing, we decided to order one dish at a time, which meant dinner would last longer, giving us more time to talk about our favorite sport – tennis. We began with the Crispy Brussels Sprouts appetizer, and each sprout was (like the name suggests) crispy on the outside, while the inside remained soft. They were tossed in a light champagne vinaigrette that enhanced the earthy flavor, while the pancetta added a savory taste to each bite.

Our next appetizer was the Smoked Brisket Nachos. Raegan suggested ordering the nachos with homemade wonton chips instead of the traditional tortilla chips. The wonton chips provided a solid, yet light, base for the tender smoked brisket. Black beans, corn salsa, and jalapenos were placed on top before being smothered with a thick layer of queso blanco and BBQ crema. The dish was finished with a scoop of sour cream and fresh guacamole.

Following our appetizers, we shared the Mediterranean Chopped Salad. We considered ordering a side salad instead but ultimately couldn’t stop ourselves as it featured a bed of fresh greens topped with slices of chilled grilled chicken, cucumbers, red onions, and ripe cherry tomatoes. Kalamata olives and chickpeas were sprinkled throughout. The salad was lightly dressed in a house-made vinaigrette and then finished with crumbled feta cheese. The Mediterranean salad’s ingredients worked beautifully in bringing this dish together.

Before our entrees arrived, my friend took advantage of Sidecar Social’s Wednesday drink special and ordered a Double Lemon Drop martini for only $7. The Double Lemon Drop features Stoli Citrus Vodka, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and pure cane sugar. Sugar is also lightly placed around the rim. Other $7 drink specials during the week include drafts, margaritas, and cocktails, along with half-price flatbread after 10 p.m.

We ordered the Wagyu Burger with fries for our first entree. Wagyu is a must-order since it never fails to elevate the classic burger to new heights. Known for its rich marbling, the wagyu patty is always incredibly juicy and tender, and the beef’s buttery texture was complemented by pimento cheese, adding a creamy, slightly spicy kick, along with smoky Applewood bacon. The burger was also topped with grilled tomatoes, lettuce, pickles, and red onions. This dish was hands-down the best of the night. Pimento cheese with bacon on a burger is dreamy.

We were craving seafood, so we ordered the Blackened Shrimp Po’ Boy with a side of sweet potato fries. Served open-faced, the toasted hoagie roll is first topped with lettuce and pickled red onions, and blackened bay shrimp are then added before house-made remoulade sauce is generously poured over the sandwich. Besides the shrimp, the pickled red onions made everything about this dish shine.

For dessert, we ordered Sidecar Banana Pudding, which has a creamy, rich banana base that went far beyond traditional pudding. The pudding was topped with a swirl of whipped cream and vanilla wafers, then sprinkled with wafer crumbles. We couldn’t resist ordering the Bread Pudding Bites as well. Each bite was slightly crisp on the outside while being warm and soft inside. A layer of caramel sauce was complemented by the cold, creamy taste of Henry’s vanilla ice cream. We happily dipped the bread pudding bites into the ice cream until the bowl was completely empty.

Enjoying Sidecar Social’s free games and activities was a top priority for us. The grand finale would definitely have been singing karaoke with the live band. As we walked around the 20,000+ square foot space, the atmosphere was energized with three bars, one of which is on an elevated mezzanine. Murals by local artists filled the space with bright colors and creative designs, while the 3D art added an unexpected touch.

Sports fans will find no better place to watch a game, thanks to big screens throughout the venue, including a massive 32-foot video wall and two additional 16-foot video walls. For those who love live music, Sidecar Social has stages inside and outside for events. For anyone interested in a more exclusive experience, Sidecar Social offers private cabanas, and each cabana features its own fire pit, personal TV, and couches— a perfect spot to enjoy the fresh air in a more private setting.

Although we didn’t get to karaoke with the live band (due to a private event), we couldn’t have had a better time. We spent the rest of the evening playing foosball, cornhole, skee-ball, pop-a-shot, and throwing darts. My friend, Natalie, beat me three times playing ping pong, so I’ll have to get her next time.

Our experience during and after dinner was exceptional. Sidecar Social successfully combines entertainment, dining, and socializing into the ideal package. With a wide range of interactive games and activities, along with an unforgettable atmosphere, it’s the perfect destination to make lasting memories with family and friends.

Ashli Urano is a freelance writer obsessed with competitive tennis, true crime, and her Golden-doodle named Sadie Kirenia.

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