Willkommen Friends: Prost to Frisco OktoberFest

With authentic bier and food, live entertainment, and themed activities, Frisco’s fourth annual Oktoberfest, taking place on Saturday, October 7, 2023, from 11 a.m. – 9 p.m., is the perfect event to celebrate fall. This year, the themed day of celebration around German food, bier, and entertainment will take place at The Star in Frisco. 
SBG Hospitality is the proud organizer of Frisco Oktoberfest. This savvy team also owns and organizes other popular local festivals like Frisco Uncorked and the Plano Food+Wine Festival at Legacy West. Lauren Stephan, SBG Hospitality’s founder and president, shares, “Frisco Oktoberfest is a celebration of German culture. We are celebrating with German cuisine, music, dancing, and activities. Frisco Oktoberfest is my favorite event all year. The music, dancing, cuisine, and activities create an atmosphere of fun!

This year, the community can attend the German celebration for free – no need for tickets! Guests can purchase food and beverages directly from vendors (no cash accepted – credit card only). While this event may not be in a setting as authentic as Munich, the location of the very first Oktoberfest, Frisco’s Oktoberfest promises an unordinary day of celebration, laughter, and friendly competition.
Did you know that the first Oktoberfest in 1810 was actually held to celebrate the marriage of Prince Ludwig and Therese of Saxe-Hildburghausen? Talk about an expensive open bar tab! Today, communities gather and celebrate together with beverages from local breweries, and with a modern twist to the annual time of German celebration. Frisco’s festival will celebrate with bier, food, competitions, and all things German.

 Bier and Food

The bier will be cold and delicious brats and pretzels will be served alongside other traditional Oktoberfest staples … with some Texas favorites available, as well.
What’s on tap? Everything from Shiner Oktoberfest and Yuengling to Altstadt and Samuel Adams’ Seasonal Oktoberfest brew. Regardless of your adventurous (or not) bier pallet, you will be able to find the perfect beverage to hold throughout this day of German celebration.

 Bier Stein Hoisting Competition

How long do you think you can hoist a stein filled absolutely to the brim with frothy, cold bier? Within the event’s expansive Biergarten, participants will hoist a full stein of bier straight out in front of them for as long as possible (no elbow bending or dropping your arm below your shoulder)! If you spill a drop (party foul!) or can’t keep your arm straight or above your shoulder, it will result in your elimination from the contest. However, every participant will get a one-liter Shiner stein filled with bier. The last person still enduring the challenge and hoisting their beverage will win an exclusive Frisco Oktoberfest t-shirt.

Brat Eating Competition

If you love authentic German cuisine, the free brat eating competition may be for you! Participants will compete to see who can eat six brats the fastest (or the most out of six brats) in 120 seconds. The one who devours the most brats by the sound of the horn wins a one-liter Frisco Oktoberfest stein of bier and an Oktoberfest t-shirt.

Keg Rolling Races

Now for a real challenge! While you might need to brush up on some of your college party skills, competitors will compete to see who can roll a keg the fastest through the Oktoberfest course with their partner. Winning a Keg Rolling Race can earn you 10 free food and bier tickets. The keg rolling contest will be barreling all day.

 Stein Races

Confident, studied stein racing participants will race each other while holding three full steins in each hand. Don’t spill! The first talented (and very balanced) participant in each race to finish with full steins will take the winning title. Stein races will be going on all day throughout the event. The winner of each stein race competition wins a Frisco Oktoberfest one-liter stein filled with bier. 

Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Oktoberfest

Looking to win the ultimate and most coveted title during this year’s Oktoberfest? Dress the part in your traditional German dirndls and lederhosen. The emcee will search the crowd for the most authentic and celebratory looks. If you are chosen to compete, you will be invited to show off your look on stage for the audience to decide who wore it best. This title (complete with bragging rights) will be given to the couple that receives the loudest applause and response from the crowd. Winners will receive a commemorative glass stein and 20 food and drink tickets.

 Dachshund Dash

While your beloved pup may not be able to hold up and drink their own stein of bier, they can participate in the competitive fun. Dogs will be held at the starting line by one owner and released to dash down the course to its other owner. The first dachshund to trot its paws across the finish line wins.
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