Stop and Smell the Tulips

There is no better feeling than walking into your home or out to your yard to the sight of beautiful, colorful, fresh flowers, especially during the lovely spring months. The bright pop of color, the delightful smell and the feeling of a comforting home simply cannot be beat. The cold winds of winter have subsided, and we are surrounded by the concept of new beginnings, blessings and growth. There is a spectacular window of time in Frisco, before the heat of the Texas summer sets in, that allows us the opportunity to spend ample time outside, enjoying all of nature’s finest gifts. Spring’s blooming flowers often welcome bumble bees and ladybugs along with butterflies and birds, and it is amazing how flowers and plants can immediately refresh your spirit and bring happiness to an indoor or outdoor space.

Local gardeners and fans of fresh flowers must take the time this spring to visit Texas Tulips in Pilot Point. This amazing family-owned farm offers locals the opportunity to pick their very own beautiful tulips, right out of the unique North Texas soil. For our neck of the woods, it is truly a one-of-a-kind attraction.

Upon arrival at the farm, guests are surrounded by thousands of brightly-colored tulips. The delightful, natural colors of springtime are everywhere you look. After you start your exploration of the charming piece of land, you will find yourself in the middle of a fairytale setting … somewhat like a scene designed for a Disney princess (or handsome prince). Have your camera ready (especially if you are attempting to get photos of your adventurous little ones), as every turn offers a stunning backdrop for memorable images.

Texas Tulips’ journey began more than 40 years ago, across the pond, in Holland. Piet and Afra Koeman started their own little tulip farm with only a handful of onion seeds at their disposal. They later planted leeks, chrysanthemums, irises and tulip bulbs, adding variety and color to their patch of fertile land. They even grew tulips in several greenhouses on their property. The family was able to successfully achieve “early” tulips every year by putting foil over the tulip bulbs when they were still in the field. This new concept allowed the tulips to flower at an earlier rate than Mother Nature generally has scheduled on her calendar. The family increased their acreage and grew millions of tulips in their greenhouses, making their venture a truly great success.

After Mr. Koeman’s passing in 2011, the family visited Texas and started a tulip company in the nearby town of Pilot Point. The soil in this location is incredibly fertile and the area provides the appropriate spring weather for their business to be an absolute hit. 

Today, the farm is an entertainment attraction, open to the public. Upon arrival at the tulip farm, visitors can park and pay their $5 or $10 entry fee (based on the time of year you are visiting). The farm is open seven days a week and allows guests to pick and choose their own flowers for $2.50 a stem. It is so peaceful to wander the rows and rows of flowers, eying your favorites and creating a flower bundle of your own to take home. An on-site professional can show you how to best pull the flower bulb out of the ground and then you carry it with you in your provided picking basket. You can explore the tulip field and take in the pleasant view for as long as you wish. Oftentimes, food is even available for purchase on site.

Before exiting, you simply take your stems to the front, pay for them and a kind worker will help you wrap them in colorful paper. This makes them Instagram-ready in no time! The stems are also put in flower gel to keep them fresh until you get home and find the perfect vase for proud display. You may get a lot of “ooos” and “ahhs” over your display (which is perfect timing to collaborate with your Easter decorations)!

Guests can pick flowers at the farm through April (depending on the unpredictable Texas weather, of course). There are more than 90 kinds of tulips to choose from, including Texas Gold, Texas Flame, American Dream, fringed, parrot and striped tulips. You may not have ever seen anything like this tulip farm outside of an arboretum, much less so close to home.

Texas Tulips is located only a short drive north of Frisco, at 10656 FM2931, in Pilot Point. This year, the farm opened in late February, and as of earlier this spring, the field had more than 80,000 tulips in-bloom! Both the young and old can enjoy a simple day outside of the busy city, surrounded by beauty. Load up your family and friends and experience a little bit of Holland’s unique culture, right in your own backyard. For those who may want to bring the magic of the tulip farm to their home or business, the Texas Tulips farmers even offer their own tulip-planting service for locals. You can get additional information about visiting the tulip farm at