Rick Mitchell

In our April issue, we featured several local storm chasers and meteorologists who help keep the community safe and informed during severe weather season.

Keller resident Rick Mitchell is a meteorologist with NBC 5. He is responsible for the 4 p.m. and 10 p.m. newscasts, Monday through Friday, and is on call any time of the day or night, especially during bad weather. “Everything about weather interests me, that is why I became a meteorologist. With respect to storm safety, I am interested in why some people take shelter and others do not,” he says.

Mr. Mitchell stresses that meteorologists take their responsibility to viewers very personally. They strive to be as accurate and informative as possible. “Everyone should realize that severe weather can happen to them and they need to have a severe weather plan. Know where to go at home and on the road. Do not assume you are immune to severe weather,” he shares with Frisco STYLE.

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