Officer Thomas Mrozinski

Frisco’s Officer Thomas Mrozinski joined the U.S. Army right out of high school and is a Gulf War veteran. When he left the U.S. Army, he started serving in law enforcement in the reserves.

Officer Mrozinski came to the Frisco Police Department from the Collin County Sherriff’s Department, where he served for seven years and got involved with commercial vehicle enforcement. He joined the Frisco Police Department to get more involved with safety inspections and other related responsibilities, in addition to the commercial vehicle enforcement in the traffic department. Officer Mrozinski created a Frisco commercial vehicle enforcement program in 2005 and targeted Frisco because of the projected growth.

When joining the Frisco Police Department, he started with a rotation of about eight months in patrol and then moved over to the traffic department, where he is currently assigned.

Thank you, Officer Mrozinski, for all you do to help keep Frisco safe!

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