The Next Page – January 2018


What type of exercise do you actually enjoy?

“The type of fitness I enjoy would have to be powerlifting type training!”
-Andrew Callen

-Leah Ratliff

“Strength training! It makes me feel strong and accomplished!”
-Miriam Johnson

“I love going to Zumba® classes!”
-Christine Perrenot

“I would say rowing and the elliptical.”
-Becky Johnson

-Chris Johnson

“I’d have to say playing soccer, ultimate frisbee, etc. Really anything that is objective based where my mind isn’t just thinking about running or working out.”
-Ben Johnson


Countless Frisco business owners have made major successful career transitions! Get more information about Anytime Fitness Frisco locations by visiting Oasis Accents is located at 5285 Dallas Parkway #405. For more information about this store, go to or call 214.494.4544. My Gym Frisco is located at 5454 Main Street #120. Call 214.387.0330 or go to for additional location information.


Starting February 25, the Texas Revolution will play its home games at Dr Pepper Arena. The Texas Revolution is the second indoor team in Frisco. Visit to learn more about the exciting upcoming season!


Hormone imbalance and deficiency is something many people struggle with, especially once they reach their fifties. Dr. Kathryn White’s office is located at 2840 Legacy Drive #200. You can contact her office by calling 972.294.6992 or go to for additional information. HerKare, owned by local Mickala Sisk, is located at 6065 Sports Village Road, Suite 600. Go to or call 469.352.2484 to schedule an appointment.


LifePath Systems is a community-based, nonprofit organization created specifically to help individuals and their families dealing with mental illnesses, intellectual or developmental disabilities and delays, substance abuse, addiction and infants with significant developmental delays. offers a variety of helpful resources as well as information to get the care you or a loved one needs.


Frisco Fine Arts has curated a collection of pieces for the studio from about 60 artists and has already hosted more than 10 events in the new space. Frisco Fine Arts Gallery is located at 7227 Main Street, Suite 400. Call 214.872.1917 or go to for gallery hours and more information.


Although not FDA-approved for treating pain and depression, ketamine is currently being used by medical professionals “off-label” and having some astounding results. Jerron C. Hill MD founded Ketamine Health & Wellness Center of Texas, located at 5944 West Parker Road, Suite 400, in Plano. Call 972.212.4341 or go to to see if this treatment may be right for you.


Within The Star, located at 6725 Winning Drive, brunch-goers will find Tupelo Honey, best known for its revival of Southern classics, craft cocktails and unique seasonal dishes. Call 469.402.2160 or go to for reservations or to view a menu!


Smoothie King
8755 Preston Road, Suite 340 – 214.872.1660
2809 Preston Road, Suite 1220 – 972.712.7030
16120 Eldorado Parkway, Suite 100 – 214.592.0050

Smoothie Zone – Family Health Market
4971 Preston Road – 972.668.5292
3110 West Main Street #200 – 214.705.9589
3555 Legacy Drive – 214.469.2300

Tropical Smoothie Café
8161 FM 423, Suite 260 – 214.618.0832
3301 Preston Road, Suite 6 – 972.294.5031

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