Melanie Nance

Melanie Nance, a local millennial, is a residential realtor for Team Nance Homes with YoursVille Real Estate alongside her brother and business partner. She works for an independent brokerage that focuses on providing the highest level of service, loyalty and accountability to clients buying or selling a home.

“I think millennials get lumped together into one stereotype (as I am sure other generations have in the past). I have most often heard millennials are ‘lazy,’ but some of the hardest-working, most loyal people I know are millennials,” she shares. “Millennials are changing the way we do business today. We are always on the go, so you must be able to adapt to the way your clients communicate or do business. With the constant growth in Frisco, we should all strive to keep up with the changing technology and marketing strategies many millennials are helping to push forward!”

Thank you for so positively representing the millennial generation, Ms. Nance!

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