John Kinch

John Kinch and his family have lived in Frisco for 17 years and have fully embraced the community, so much so that Mr. Kinch opened his own restaurant, The Community Grill.

Amidst the success of the restaurant and overwhelming love and support from the community, Mr. Kinch and his family have traversed personal trials as he battles a hereditary heart disease that has hospitalized him numerous times. After setting out to create a sense of community through his restaurant, his staff and the community have been behind his health battle every step of the way. “I have never been around people who love each other and take care of each other the way people here do,” he explains.

Mr. Kinch’s hope is that, through the restaurant, they will continue to impact the community in positive ways through their connections with local schools and events. Mr. Kinch’s love for his community has made his local business a place where neighbors gather, no matter the reason.

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