Jacqueline Hollowell

Jacqueline Hollowell, interviewed in our December article ‘Taking Innovations to New Heights in Frisco,’ is the INCubatoredu teacher at Heritage High School. Mrs. Hollowell received her Bachelor of Business Administration from Stephen F. Austin, with a major in marketing. Mrs. Hollowell moved to Frisco in 1994 and became a teacher in 2007 and has been a teacher at Heritage since it opened in 2009. When asked what she loves most about teaching, she said that it is “being able to have an impact on someone’s life.” She continues, “Sometimes it is just a student having a bad day and you talk with them and help them get through it. Other times it is a student going through a difficult time and you listen and help guide them. There is nothing better than receiving messages from former students saying they chose their career because of what I taught them in my class.

Her family has deep roots in Texas, as Mrs. Hollowell is a proud Texan, born and raised! Of her family, they are also rooted deeply in Texas, especially here in Frisco, where all four of her children have all attended FISD schools from kindergarten through high school. She and her husband, Kyle, have been married for 29 years and enjoy eating at some of their favorite restaurants in Frisco, particularly at Scotty P’s. “I have loved being a part of the Frisco community for the past 26 years. We moved to Frisco when it was a very small town and have gotten to watch the amazing growth of the city and the schools. It has been a wonderful place to raise a family!”

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