Donny Churchman

Developer Donny Churchman, president of Nack Development, LLC, is heading up one of Frisco’s most exciting new downtown developments — The Patio at the Rails and The Tower at the Rails that will soon be known as “The Rail District.”

Mr. Churchman’s open-minded, collaborative approach to development will breathe new life into the downtown area while still holding true to the roots on which Frisco was founded. He says, “I am so passionate about the importance and role a downtown area plays in a community. My new projects are so important for Frisco in maintaining its heritage. Downtown was once the core of the city, and while I am appreciative and cognizant of its past, we need to help the downtown progress and return people to the city’s original core.”

We are excited to witness all the new changes that will help keep Frisco a great place to live, work and play!

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