Dan Henry

In the April issue of Frisco STYLE Magazine, FOX 4 chief meteorologist Dan Henry offered his weather safety expertise. Mr. Henry presents the weather for FOX 4’s weekday, late afternoon and evening newscasts. He is also responsible for leading all of the special weather coverage, representing the station at local events, visiting schools to educate kids about severe weather safety and he hosts a monthly “sciencecast” at the Perot Museum.

Mr. Henry is most interested in research pertaining to tornado development. “The majority of supercells (rotating thunderstorms) produce wall clouds, but never spawn a tornado. Research continues to be done to better understand the environment and all the various weather parameters that allow some storms to produce violent, long-track tornadoes, while other storms never produce a single tornado or even a funnel cloud,” he says.

When it comes to the threat of severe weather during storm season in North Texas, Mr. Henry advises, “Make sure you have identified the safest place in your home to take shelter during severe weather and that your family conducts practice tornado drills at home on a regular basis.”

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