Aaron Alexander

We asked leaders in our community to contribute stories based on the importance of faith, even among our diversity, and celebrate their expression of faith, especially as related to the holiday season.

Aaron Alexander, a local husband and father, is the creative pastor at Hope Fellowship. He has worked at Hope Fellowship since 2007 and says the best part of his job is getting to serve the community. He is a part of the Original Donation Coffee Porch Association and loves the growing diversity and opportunities available for all families in Frisco.

He shares, “As we all strive to live in peace among prosperity, our differences cannot be what keeps us apart. Because of our faith, our differences should be what bring us together. As we head full-speed into Thanksgiving, Christmas and the holiday season, what a beautiful role we could play in one another’s lives if we let our faith come alive around a table of hospitality and mutual respect.”

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