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Many of us do it…we throw a New Year’s resolution out there and that annual re-commitment to get in the gym, to start eating healthier, and to get more sleep never seems to last longer than a few weeks. The trick to living healthier requires more than making a generic, easy-to-abandon New Year’s resolution — it requires an entire shift of mindset and lifestyle.
Such resolutions and commitments can look so different for everyone, and oftentimes, a path to a “new” or healthier you might simply mean paying more attention to recovery after a workout or ensuring that you’re listening to your body’s cues. Frisco has so much to offer in terms of unique and successful health and wellness options, whether you want to focus on your mental health or physical wellness. This year, whether it be fitness, weight loss, or pain recovery, you can make putting your health and personal needs first a reality.


Aroga Cold Therapy

Picture this: former basketball player, six-foot-eight, trying to squeeze into a regular bathtub full of ice, multiple times a week. Add in managing ice and water at home with lively kids around, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for routine frustration. 
Myesha Aroga, an owner of Frisco’s Aroga Cold Therapy, says, “This was our reality at home. It highlighted a need for a simpler, more practical cold therapy solution, without the hassle of ice management. We realized others might be facing similar struggles. That’s how Aroga Cold Therapy came to life! We strive to offer a hassle-free cold plunge experience, sparing others the icy chaos we once endured.”
Freddy Aroga, along with his wife, Mrs. Aroga, launched Aroga Cold Therapy in June of 2023. It started as a solution to a personal need for accessible and convenient cold plunging for Mr. Aroga, a former basketball player, to manage back pain. The journey led them from traditional ice baths to the discovery of a modern, ice-free cold plunge therapy method.
Cold plunging involves being immersed in water cooled to 43 to 48 degrees Fahrenheit. Mrs. Aroga says, “The key difference at our facility is that we achieve this invigorating cold temperature without using any ice. Our specialized equipment chills the water effectively, providing the benefits of traditional ice baths with a modern, ice-free approach. This ensures a consistent and pure cold water experience, focusing purely on the benefits of the cold plunge.”
 From personal experience, the Arogas believe cold plunging can provide relief from chronic pain, enhanced mental clarity, increased resilience to stress, improved recovery times after physical activities, improved sleep quality, and it has even helped them adapt more easily to sudden cold snaps in Texas.
While both cold plunge and cryotherapy are effective for cold exposure therapy, cold plunge involves submerging the body in cold water, which provides a more gradual and immersive experience. Cryotherapy uses extremely cold air for brief, intense exposure, focusing more on the body’s surface. Both methods stimulate the body’s natural healing processes but cater to different preferences and tolerances for cold.
Cold plunging offers numerous benefits, including reduced inflammation, improved circulation, enhanced mental clarity, and a boost in one’s immune response. It has the power to alleviate muscle soreness, improve sleep quality, and provide a natural endorphin rush, leading to an uplifted mood.
Typical cold plunge customers range from athletes seeking recovery to wellness enthusiasts looking to enhance their daily routine with the physical and mental benefits of cold plunging. While anyone can enjoy the benefits of cold plunging, individuals seeking quick recovery from physical activities, those looking to enhance their mental focus, or anyone wanting to challenge their limits can benefit. 
 Mrs. Aroga says, “Our customers frequently express how much they value the immediate revitalization and energy boost they experience after a cold plunge session. They appreciate the clean, welcoming environment and the knowledgeable staff who help guide them through the process.”
For first-timers, free guided coaching is an option! Drawing from his own athletic background, Coach Freddy provides personalized guidance during the session. He focuses on helping clients with their breathing and mental focus, easing the initial shock of the cold water and enhancing the overall experience. This supportive approach helps first-timers navigate the challenge of cold plunging while maximizing its benefits.
“We’re passionate about offering a service that not only aids in physical and mental health but also provides an opportunity to embrace and overcome a unique challenge. We welcome everyone to experience the transformative power of cold therapy at Aroga Cold Therapy!” the Arogas share.
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 Kinetic Centre

Kinetic Centre in Frisco was created to provide individualized personal care geared around a patient’s activities or personal goals. Dr. Matt Ortega, DC, BS, TPI, the Clinic Director and Practitioner of the Kinetic Centre Frisco, says, “Often, care is based around pain, and Kinetic Centre focuses on the root cause of the problem to get long-lasting results and improved performance. We utilize unique 3D technology to help us be the most efficient at finding the cause of our patients’ pain, so we can get them on the road to recovery and back to doing what they love as fast as possible!”
Kinetic Centre is based on objective data analysis. With movement screening technology, professionals not only see proof of their patients’ progress, they can also see how they are functioning better from head to toe. 
“Patients often tell us they love the one-on-one care they receive with us, and they appreciate the individualized plan provided for them. They feel as if they are our only patient, and they love the results they see from the very first visit. We expect change and improvement quickly, which instills confidence in our patients that we are on the right track to recovery. Patients also enjoy taking charge of their healthcare with the tools they need to be successful to help them truly resolve their injury long-term,” Dr. Ortega says.
Dr. Ortega’s team opened Kinetic Centre Frisco in January of 2022. “It’s been a pleasure bringing patient-centered care to Frisco that is based around sports-specific movements or training. Frisco is ‘the city that plays,’ and we are honored to represent this great city and keep it doing what it does best!” Dr. Ortega says.
Kinetic Centre practitioners are leading experts in 3D motion technology, using this unique approach to perform movement screening analysis, baseball and golf swing analysis, running gait analysis, concussion baselines, barbell analysis, and many others, all within a 3D point of view.
This level of care for patients gives them long-lasting results and increased performance in their given area of expertise. Because of the specificity of Kinetic Centre’s exam process and treatment, the team generally sees patients reach pain-free movement in three to five visits, on average, rather than a long-term treatment plan that is costly in time and resources. 
A patient’s care is individualized to find the root cause of their specific complaint. With the true cause in focus, patients receive the proper treatment and active care resources that everybody needs to get the best results within a short period of time. 
 While the most common patient is any type of fitness enthusiast or youth athlete, the team sees all types of demographics. “If you move, you are our type of patient!” Dr. Ortega says. Parents and grandparents of young athlete patients often need care, too. Dr. Ortega adds, “We are also honored to take care of some highly talented professional athletes. The trust of professionals, young athletes, and their families means so much to us as providers and as a company.”
Kinetic Centre makes an impact on the lives of those in the community by helping them learn about their bodies. This service gives people tools to help resolve injuries themselves. “This gives the community the ability to perform activities they want to with the reassurance they are performing at their best. We also love to spend time at our local gyms and interact with the community during special events,” Dr. Ortega shares.
Anyone who likes to stay active can greatly benefit from Kinetic Centre’s care. Dr. Ortega adds, “We are movement experts and will get you feeling and moving better in record time. Whether you are a marathon runner or professional gamer, your quality of movement and performance is important to us.”
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 iCRYO Frisco

Through a vast array of unique health and wellness services, iCRYO seeks to help guests feel better, look better, and encourage them to achieve their health and beauty goals. iCRYO Frisco provides affordable, professional, and convenient personal health services including Red Light Therapy and Zerobody Dry Float treatments while raising the standard as a global wellness brand.
Julie Wofford, Manager of iCRYO Frisco, shares, “We listen to our guests and come up with the sessions and services that will help them achieve their wellness goals. We also offer multiple modalities all in one place, so people do not have to go to several places to do services.”
 iCRYO Frisco offers Cryotherapy, Red Light Therapy, IV Drip Therapy, Body Sculpting, an Infrared Sauna, a Zerobody Dry Float Bed, and Ozone UV iV Therapy. 
iCRYO’s Red Light Therapy helps your body work at an optimum level…almost like recharging your batteries as it aids in muscle and joint pain relief, increased blood circulation, increased energy levels, enhancement in brain health, promotes wound healing, boosts the immune system, and reduces chronic pain, amongst other benefits.
The Zerobody Dry Float Bed serves as a great alternative to sensory deprivation tanks as they allow for easier access and the ability to remain dry while still providing the same benefits that can include muscle and joint relief, spinal tension relief, improved blood circulation, and improved cognitive function, amongst others. Guests can also utilize the Float Bed to help relieve any tension in the body and helps with sleep issues.
 “We have guests walk away from sessions feeling instant relief from pain. However, the biggest sign that our treatments are effective is that our guests keep returning after years of doing these sessions,” Ms. Wofford admits.  
Typical iCRYO guests range from young children to people of advanced age. Ms. Wofford says, “We want everyone to know that our services are amazing for prevention, as well. If you are already recovering after a small injury, large ones may never occur. Our services can help enhance what your body naturally does on a daily basis.”
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