Frisco STYLE Events

Every year, Frisco STYLE Magazine hold 3 events that honor different passions within our community: Person of the Year, Cover Photo Contest, and Best of Business. Below, you’ll learn about what each event is about and what goes into each one.

Person of the Year

We’re looking for the movers and shakers within our community that help categorize our city as the best of the best; truly, someone who rises above and pulls us up with them. This should be recognized as a lifetime achievement award, not just rewarding what they have done in the past year. The previous winners have not only helped us become what we, as a city, are today, but have also worked hard to help the people of Frisco for generations to come. Previous winners include Bob Warren, Mike & Sandy Simpson, Mach Borchardt, George Purefoy, Jill Cumnock, Peter Burns, Sam Roach, Sue Stafford, Carlos Liscano, Rick Reedy, Craig Hall, Jim Gandy, and Shelley Holley. While it is one thing to live in Frisco, worship, enjoy the shopping, entertainment and restaurants and rear a family—it is an entirely different thing to have been a major catalyst for bringing and maintaining this culture in the first place.

Cover Photo Contest

We’re looking for your “best shot” for the cover of our 2019 August Arts Issue. Art? Nature? Portrait? Landscape? We want it all. For a modest Entree Fee of $30, you can enter up to five images for consideration. In years past, we’ve received everything from blimps over Europe to kids jumping in Lake Travis. So, give us your best shots and YOU COULD BE A WINNER!

Best of Business

The Best of Business issue honors between 8 and 10 area businesses for excellence in business and each recipient will receive editorial coverage in the issue. As we have for the past several years, our application and awards process will focus on the critical areas of business excellence necessary for success in any business.We also place all businesses on a “level playing field” related to how they are evaluated and awarded.

Frisco STYLE has partnered with the local business advisory firm, Tour de Profit Business Advisory Services to be our Application screener. Rich Allen and his team are dedicated to helping business owners improve their businesses through guidance, support and structured methodology. They have a proven record of helping small- and medium-sized businesses succeed by providing tools for effective sales, marketing, leadership, team building and much more. Know that simply participating in the process will help your business!

Frisco STYLE Best of Business will be decided by a panel of judges, made up of local representatives with knowledge and experience in business. This panel will determine the winners based on information gathered during the application process. Winners will be recognized for excellence in these critical business areas: (Leadership & Vision, Market Understanding, Company Culture, Hiring/Onboarding, Compensation and Rewards, Performance Feedback, Financial Management, Organization Structure and Serving Customers.)