For the Health of It

by Lisa Dawson

Thinking about wellness treatments to improve your overall health may conjure up images of being at an exclusive spa in the snow-covered Swiss Alps, or spending a weekend at a celebrity-favorited resort in the desert of Palm Springs. 

But to feel good and look your best in Frisco, the good news is you may likely only have to drive across town since wellness therapies, med spas and providers who specialize in helping people heal and thrive can be found throughout our city. Frisco STYLE visited a trio of these facilities and learned about some of the services that are available.

 The Salt Retreat

2552 Stonebrook Parkway Suite 925, Frisco

Many North Texans experience allergies. The typical lack of deep winter frost here means trees produce pollen virtually year round. Other allergens, like dust, are also present in the air.  

In search of relief, some allergy sufferers and others have turned to halotherapy, a natural therapy that uses highly absorbent salt particles to attract and absorb contaminants that can irritate the lining of the respiratory tract. 

 The Salt Retreat in Frisco has individual halotherapy rooms with halogenerators that crush and grind medical-grade salt into micronized particles and disperse them into the air. The result is a holistic, natural approach to addressing respiratory health and even some skin conditions.  

James and Heather Tognazzini, owners and co-founders of The Salt Retreat, say they experienced allergies themselves after moving to North Texas.

“After suffering for months and then discovering salt therapy for ourselves, we decided Frisco really needed this holistic therapy,” Heather Tognazzini says. “Our clients most often find salt therapy to be super relaxing. By far, though, the best compliment is game-changing relief from allergies, no longer needing a rescue inhaler and being able to finally breathe deeply.”

 For halotherapy client Maureen Brooks, moving to North Texas from Delaware brought about a reaction to the mountain cedar pollen that is prevalent here. 

“I had cedar fever my first winter living here,” says Brooks of the allergic reaction she experienced due to the pollen. “I had been treating my allergies with over-the-counter products in the hopes that I would find a more natural way to treat my allergies. When I stumbled upon The Salt Retreat, I couldn’t wait to give it a try. I had heard of the benefits of salt therapy from a friend back East and was intrigued. I can honestly say within my first four sessions, I noticed a huge difference.” 

Salt therapy can help even the youngest of allergy sufferers find relief. For Kaitlen Forman, The Salt Retreat has been a place of healing for her nine-month-old son, LJ, who has been hospitalized with asthma and breathing issues. 

“LJ was put on a number of medications at just four months old that, unfortunately, did not work. He continued to struggle with wheezing, low oxygen levels and coughing fits,” Forman says. “We heard about The Salt Retreat from a friend and after three sessions, LJ was completely off all medication and has had zero breathing issues ever since.”

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 The Float Spot

4040 Legacy Drive Suite 105, Frisco

The Float Spot in Frisco offers additional diverse wellness treatments involving salt. 

Here, private float tanks are filled with 300 gallons of water saturated with more than 1,000 pounds of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt that is used to relives stress, depression, chronic fatigue and body aches, as well as to stimulate mental clarity. 

 The Float Spot Founder Ray Thoma said the buoyancy of the water mimics that of the Dead Sea, and the temperature of the water is between 94 to 96 degrees. “After about five minutes, you cannot feel the solution on your skin,” he explains.   

Prosper resident Kayla Hair learned about float tanks from a podcast about holistic health approaches. “It seemed like something I could benefit from because I physically had aches and pains as well as mentally because I have always had a hard time slowing down my thought process,” she said. 

Hair said that during her very first float experience, she noticed immediate changes such as her mind slowing down as well as her internal awareness increasing. 

 “The more consistent I was with going to Float, the more I began to understand how to turn off the world and tune into myself. Being a woman, it is so easy to people please and to overwork for those around you or (for) recognition even when you don’t want to. Floating helped me turn down the voice of society and turn up my own voice.” 

“Consider this as an insurance policy on having a better quality of life,” Thoma says of indulging in wellness treatments, “because we all know, we don’t know how to slow down and not burn the candle at both ends.”

 Below Zero Cryo

8715 Lebanon Road Suite 400, Frisco

If floating in a warm tank of salt water isn’t your thing, maybe finding relief from pain and inflammation by standing in a freezing chamber is more your speed. 
 At Below Zero Cryo, cold therapy is used to help people with sports recovery, pain and mobility issues as well as to boost metabolism, the immune system and mood. 
Cryotherapy chambers allow the entire body to be immersed in extremely cold air for several minutes. Temperatures can range from negative 166 to negative 222 Fahrenheit through the release of liquid nitrogen, a non-toxic natural gas. 
“Our clients comment on (experiencing) less pain, more flexibility and feeling refreshed after just one session,” says Below Zero Cryo Manager Jordan Lindsey. 
 Owners Kim and Santino Salyards opened the business several years ago and also offer a variety of holistic physical recovery modalities, including Normatec compression and infrared saunas. 
From warm to cold and salty in between, there is no shortage of wellness options in Frisco, and there are surely more to come. In our daily, hectic lives, wellness breaks are surely needed. 

Lisa Dawson is a freelance writer and Frisco resident. 

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