Faces of Frisco 2024




•  Claim your exclusive, renewable Faces of Frisco business category

•  Introduce your business to 42,000+ Frisco homes & businesses

•  Receive a full page, full color story about you and your business

•  Photography session (on-site) and article composition included

•  Ownership of all photography provided following publication

•  Complimentary copies to be used in your follow-up marketing

•  Sign up by May 30, 2024, and receive one free hour of business consultation and

          one free 1/4 page in Frisco STYLE Magazine.*


with your purchase.

Faces of Frisco 2024  is a separate, high-end, standalone publication dedicated to you, one of the faces of Frisco business, directly mailed to 42,000+ Frisco homes and businesses with your full page story and photo.

By signing up today, you reserve your exclusive category* and be listed in the Table of Contents.

Your full page, including your article, photography, design, printing and distribution, is only $3250.

Should you wish to purchase a spread (either two adjoining pages or two separate full pages) to include additional staff or your family, this can be purchased at $6000, a $500 savings.

To start the process for 2024, select the “Order Here” button below to submit your order. Once submitted, you will receive a contract and invoice for payment (ACH, credit cards and checks accepted). WE RECOMMEND DOING THIS ON A DESKTOP COMPUTER, AS OPPOSED TO A MOBILE PHONE.

Faces of Frisco 2024 will be distributed mid-August 2024.

As reference, you may wish to check out the current issue of Faces of Frisco here.


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* Exclusive category subject to availability. Categories include a right-of-first-refusal for future issues of Faces of Frisco. Photography session scheduled at your convenience. One-hour business consultation with Rich Allen subject to availability (appointment availability is limited).

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