Frequently Asked Questions

“When was Frisco STYLE started?

Style Publishing Group, LLC (SPG) was established in 1994 and is best known for publishing Frisco STYLE Magazine, the community life-style publication for Frisco, Texas, and the surrounding cities. Beginning as a quarterly publication in the Spring of 1995, Frisco STYLE was distributed to the residents and businesses in Frisco when the area population was approximately 6,000.

For more about our history, read all About Us here.

“What is your mission?”

We are unique in that we have two distinct customers. It just so happens that one customer pays the bills—the other receives our product. Without both, we could not survive. So we have developed a two-fold mission: 1) Improve the quality of life of our readers by delivering timely, relevant information in a manner that reflects the image and culture of the community, and 2) Serve area businesses by providing effective tools for promoting their products and services to consumers ready and able to buy them. We are deliberate about serving both customers and not doing anything for one customer/audience at the expense of the other.

“How many magazines do you distribute?”

As of July, 2014, we mail approximately 66,000 magazines a month to Frisco and all the surrounding cities; we also produce and mail North Texas Magazine to about 15,000 homes and businesses in Keller, Texas.

“Where is Frisco STYLE mailed?”

Frisco STYLE is “saturation” mailed to homes and businesses in Frisco, Prosper, Celina, Little Elm, west McKinney and north Plano. We do not mail to PO Boxes or apartments outside of Frisco.

“How do I get on or off the mailing list?”

Before we mail each issue of Frisco STYLE, we purchase a new mailing list. This mailing list is updated quarterly from records provided by the US Postal Service. If you have just moved into our distribution area, chances are, you will automatically receive the magazine. If your home is new, it may take 2-3 months for your address to show up on our list. It is possible that the prior owners of your home requested to be excluded from the distribution.

Unfortunately, we are not able to add or remove individual addresses from our distribution. In order to be removed from our distribution, you must contact our list provider at 1-800-632-1379 and explain that you wish to be removed from the distribution of Frisco STYLE Magazine and be added to their “Suppression List.” This will make sure you are excluded from future mailings. We are not authorized to request suppression on your behalf.

“How much does it cost to print and mail Frisco STYLE Magazine?”

Next to employees’ salaries and benefits, printing is our largest expense, and postage comes in a distant third. Combined, we spend well over a half million dollars printing and mailing Frisco STYLE each year.

“How do you pay for Frisco STYLE to be produced, printed and mailed?”

Since the beginning (1995), the publication has been supported solely through advertising revenue. Area businesses often advertise in Frisco STYLE because they want to be integrated into the community as quickly as possible. They tell us they want to associate with a visible company in the area with a reputation of conducting business with integrity and well-known for producing quality work. Many area/local businesses have advertised with us for greater than 10 years. We are deeply grateful for this support, because it allows us to produce the magazine for residents on a monthly basis. Note that we are an independent, for-profit business, not supported by citizen taxes or the City of Frisco.

“How much does it cost to advertise in Frisco STYLE?”

We would like to think that it does not cost to advertise—it pays. : ) However, budgeting is important for every business. With our large distribution, we work diligently to keep advertising rates as low as possible. Rates are driven by the size of the ad and the place the ad appears in the magazine. Rates range from a few hundred dollars for the smaller ads to several thousand dollars per ad/insertion for the larger, more prominent placements. You are welcome to contact our sales staff for details.

“How many people work at Frisco STYLE?”

We are a very lean organization, with one person assigned to each functional area necessary to produce the magazine. However, most of us can assist each other in various tasks in order to balance the workload. Currently we have a designer, editor, office manager, account services manager, two sales people, a digital media manager, photographer and publisher. We are also supported by a great team of independent writers, who do a lot of the “heavy lifting” when it comes to preparing our articles.

Are you interested in writing for us? Let our editor know. You may want to attach a writing sample to your inquiry.

“Where do your article ideas come from?”

Article ideas are generated from many sources. In a community like Frisco, there is no lack of exciting things to communicate to the public! Ideas come from resident emails, phone calls, business press releases and folks just stopping by our office. Some of our employees participate in community organizations and serve on the boards of area non-profits and often story ideas are developed through these relationships.

“How do you organize each issue of the magazine?”

On average, 45% of each issue is dedicated to editorial (non-paid pages); 55% is advertising. This is slightly different than the national average for similar magazines of 40% editorial, 60% advertising. We manage our content on an annual basis via a detailed matrix, allowing us to see future plans and balance the types of content important to a growing thriving community like Frisco. Since we are always working 45-60 days in advance, this helps us know where we are going and stay on schedule.