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FSM April 2017

Staff Streets of Frisco

What is your favorite way to spend a day at home?

“My favorite way to spend a day at home is finding any way to stay active, whether it is chasing my pup around in the backyard or doing yard work!”
-Andrew Callen

“Gardening and working in the yard.”
-Becky Johnson

“Reading a good book.”
-Leah Ratliff

“Working in the yard planting for a few hours then watching a movie with my kids.”
-Lesa Swimelar

“I like to get caught up on laundry and any housework before I watch a good movie or read a new book!”
-Christine Perrenot

City Insights
Learn more about the candidates running for mayor or for a place on City Council at For more information regarding the FISD School Board election, go to

To find out more about everything going on with the FISD Student Services Department, visit

For more information about the great teachers and innovative classrooms at Nelson Middle School, go to

Healthy Home
Learn more about cutting-edge migraine treatments offered by Dr. Aimee Garza, the medical director and neurologist from The Center for Neurology and Neurophysiology, at

Arts & Culture
Find out more about the recent accomplishments of Clark Middle School Band at

For more information about local historical homes the Heritage Association of Frisco has identified as Historic Sites, check out Here, all 33 historic markers are identified and mapped.

Get ready for some fun! Sign up for a local Plant Nite event at

54th Street Grill and Bar is located at 9449 Dallas Parkway in Frisco. Call 214.387.0284 for more information or go to to check out a menu.

Small Bites
Frisco Diner
9250 Dallas Parkway

Le Peep Grill
7151 Preston Road #451D

Modern Market
8400 Preston Road #100

Find out more about Sheila Elliott and her local company, iSaveLives, at or by calling 469.964.0135.